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Topic: Product Review

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Subject: Square Bumper Failures--Bike Carriers

Pete Agrusa
6/29/2003 11:37:31 AM

Beware of connectiong accessories such as bike carriers, luggage racks, etc. to your square bumper on the later model trailers and fifth wheels. The new bumpers are so thin that they will tear away due to the extra weight and vibration at the back of the camper. DrawTite makes a nice bike carrier, but they are not to be used behind a trailer or fifth wheel, even if it is on a frame mounted hitch, per the warning label on the products. I called DrawTite and confirmed the warning. I am presently looking for a good bike carrier to use behind a fifth wheel.



USA/Michigan/Grand Blanc

6/22/2008 7:22:59 AM

i had the same problem seems like 10 years ago. i fabricated a carrierbracket the attaches to the bracket of the kingpin of the my fifth wheel and the bike have the smoothest ride in town. a piece of 1/4’’ flat stock and a 4x4x1/4 square tube and you would be suprised at the ideas that will pop into your head. every place i go i get questions about this fab and not a negetive comment in 10 years.

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