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Topic: Camping Stories

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Subject: Problematic Wildlife

Sandra G.


9/25/2003 11:47:52 AM

I would like to add that bears are not the only wildlife that can become problematic when food and garbage are left about by campers. Because skunks and raccoons are now common in the cities, people don`t seem to be too impressed when I issue a `raccoon alert` until they find a party in their kitchen shelter at 2 am (fortunately raccoons can`t get the twist tops off the beer, it`s only the food coolers that get raided). Visiting dogs occasionally get skunked, but I have also seen dogs sleeping at a campfire and skunks skulking past on their scrounge tour. And...those cute little chipmunks and squirrels that make such great photo ops with young children will be the same `wild animal` in your tent or cabin in the middle of the night when you take the bag of peanuts back indoors. All of these `dumb` animals are pretty smart when it comes to food. Once you train them, they will come back looking for more.

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