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Topic: Camping Stories

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Subject: CUBA

John G.

8/7/2003 8:54:35 AM

This year we flew to Havana where I rented a very new Mercedes Diesel Class C motorhome. With the help of a first class guide, we toured the entire island in 14 exciting days. The motorhome cost was US $150/day with no mileage charge and this included the campsite fees at various resorts around the island. Hardly an expensive trip and a great way to see this mystical isle.

If not for our professional guide Jesus (pronounced ’’hey-soos’’), the trip would`ve been difficult. But his fluent english, excellent directions and thorough knowledge of the entire island made him invaluable. Add a drivers license and his $50/day rate made him invaluable. If you want information on how to rent the camper and generator, his email is jeddiz@yahoo.com

We enjoyed the Maria La Gorda for the best scuba diving. The expansive tobacco fields and factories of Pinar Del Rio were fascinating. Havana is amazing for architecture. You MUST visit Guajamico for the best resort I`ve ever been to.

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