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Victoria Day Weekend Camping and Other Musings
By: Jim Alseth

▪ For so many of us the Victoria Day Weekend marks the launch of another camping season. Keeping to tradition, our family loaded up the trailer and headed south to a favorite lake, only this time without our teenage daughters. They headed north to a secluded cabin for a youth retreat.

Darlene and I didn`t realize how different this would feel, not having them along. Kayla (17) and Kari (14) have camped with us since birth and still look forward to it each year, perhaps more than we do. Am I complaining? Not a word! In fact, when so many well-meaning acquaintances have told us for years of the "inevitabilities" of female teenagers--well, to have them once again talking in January about our summer camping plans--I think you can appreciate Dad`s mixture of relief and joy that it`s still cool for them to spend time with us.

While we knew they were enjoying themselves at their event, it was an adjustment for us. A bit of an unexpected dose of empty-nest syndrome, if you will. Once we acclimatized to this, however, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The weather was pleasant but not too warm. We did some biking, caught up on some much needed R & R and found time to connect at a deeper level than normal routine often allows.

It reaffirmed to me once again why we camp and will continue to do so. Yet, in spite of knowing this and having it confirmed year after year, it never ceases to amaze me how close I can come to succumbing to The Frenzied Friday Temptation and simply stay home.

I guess some lessons just have to be continually re-learned...

▪ After opening up the RV this spring following a long, cold winter, we met an unwelcome surprise: several earthquake-sized splits in the lino of our 2005 Flagstaff travel trailer. Temperatures dipping to -40 apparently will do this. Our dealer reported hundreds of similar incidents. There was no warranty coverage available so we`ll have to replace the flooring ourselves.

▪ Fuel prices and environmental concerns are certainly something every camper keeps an eye on these days and the status quo doesn`t look encouraging. In the face of this, I`m growing excited about one particular solution that could have significant impact on our pocket books, the environment and transportation globally: water fuel.

You may have heard about it―there are a lot of spam e-mails flying about which I`m sure most people tend to dismiss. We`ve written about the technology at , and in fact have a kit on order which I hope to install in the next few days. We will keep you posted with the results...

Published: 6/10/2008
Source: Great Camping Spots

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