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Renouncing the Pharmaceutical Mindset
By: Jim Alseth

In previous articles I alluded to the theme of destiny and how vital it is that we begin to embrace it and more importantly begin to walk in it. One of the things I feel most passionate about is encouraging people to find and embrace their own destiny. Today I`d like to zero in on a major obstacle to this process, one that I have found hinders me perhaps more than any other. I call it the pharmaceutical mindset.

Before all the red flags go up let me say I have no ax to grind. It`s not my intention to slam the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, as someone who has worked in acute healthcare for over 20 years, I have seen medications make the difference between life and death, literally. Nevertheless, we in the western world have adopted a mindset that bares a striking resemblance to the way most pharmaceutical medications work. This mindset has caused enormous problems and, hence, the coining of the phrase.

When looking at this mindset with a discerning eye it becomes apparent that it has, to a large degree, ruined the physical health of many North Americans and also in a more general sense kept many from walking in their destiny. Does this thought sound strange?

Well, to start, consider that the pharmaceutical mindset is symptom oriented. In other words, if I have a symptom, I ask what can I take to alleviate the symptom? This mindset is not concerned about the root of the problem, the "why" of the symptom. It`s only concerned about getting rid of the symptom.

A characteristic innate to most pharmaceutical products is the mechanism by which they work. They are designed primarily to block, manipulate or inhibit normal bodily processes in order to achieve the goal of alleviating the symptom. The byproduct of interfering with natural processes is side-effects. A quick look at a comparative list of benefits vs. side-effects on most medications will show the side-effect list to be twice as long as the benefit list (often much longer). What a common scene this is in many senior`s homes: a numbered tray full of daily medications--half of them to treat various symptoms, and the other half to counteract the side-effects of the first half!

This “symptom orientation” is especially apparent in our attitude towards pain. We North Americans hate pain. You doubt? Simply count the number of pain relief ads on prime-time TV. Take a look at the skyrocketing incidence of all types of addictions, especially to pain relievers. It simply doesn`t occur to us that pain is a God-given signal that something is wrong. In our busyness, and our fear of pain, we would much rather take the short term solution of numbing the pain--all for the sake of staying functional. We prefer what is immediate and comfortable, at the expense of what is better--sometimes infinitely better--in the long term. Personally, there are times when I feel like Jacob`s brother Esau, willing to trade my birthright for a pot of stew!

Do you see how this correlates to the way we live our lives in general, and how this mindset can keep us from being all that we are destined to be in God? One of the most powerful articles I have ever read is Arthur Burk`s Overcoming the Poverty Spirit, in which he illustrates our distaste for personal pain and how God, as a loving Parent, purposely increases our level of pain in order to help us inherit our birthright (destiny).

So how do we escape the pharmaceutical mindset? By doing an about-face and coming in the opposite spirit. By choosing to embrace the level of personal pain necessary to walk in our destiny and by the many choices, small and great, we make each day reflecting God`s larger purposes in our lives. Whether it involves spending more time with Him, changing the way we eat, pursuing a long-lost dream or our attitude towards difficult people and circumstances. Our destiny is worth the pursuit, and it can sometimes involve painful decisions. One of the most crucial is renouncing the pharmaceutical mindset...

Published: 1/9/2007
Source: Great Camping Spots

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