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Making it Count
By: Jim Alseth

You may have noticed the highway graphic that runs through the pages of Great Camping Spots. It symbolizes a theme woven through much of what we do here; that of the journey. During the holiday season perhaps it’s a good time to revisit what Nikki Gumbel of the Alpha Course calls “the first order questions.”

You know the questions I mean. The important ones. You can’t find them on any list, but these are the ones that often keep us awake at night. The ones that shape the course and direction of our lives (or should at least), and that often fail to get addressed because we’re caught in a hamster-wheel of non-stop activity. Yes, those questions. The questions that can give our lives a sense of destiny. It takes courage to ask these questions and it takes even more courage (and not a little resolve) to act upon them.

And so cometh my question: Are we entering the New Year with a sense of destiny or does it feel more like “the same old thing,” like continually being forced into a mold that doesn’t fit? In the movie Titanic, Jack Dawson’s first encounter with Rose happens at the stern of the ship, where he averts her attempt at suicide. Later, on deck, she explains “the inertia of her life” just seemed to be all wrong, and she felt powerless to stop it. How often we can feel this way, especially if we have no clear picture of our destiny.

This is where I am gripped by the Old Testament account of the life of Joseph. His trials, his faith and perseverance, and the eventual outcome of a seemingly endless series of difficulties give hope to us all. It’s interesting that Providence gave this historical character more space than any other (in the OT) except perhaps Moses and King David. There are many reasons no doubt, but I believe one of them has to do with this question of finding our destiny. Having an understanding of it can make the difference between a life of meaning, or one of monotony and despair.

A short time later on Titanic, Jack is having dinner with Rose and her first-class acquaintances. After his brilliant defense of his way of life, the whole table will raise their glasses to “making it count.” And so I raise my glass to you at the dawn of a New Year.

To getting a clearer picture of your God-given destiny. To making a difference in the lives of your loved ones and the world around you. To making it count.

Published: 1/3/2005
Source: Great Camping Spots

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