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Outdoor Shower
By: Dian Thomas

If you hesitate to go camping because you’re afraid you’ll have to do without your daily shower, fear no more. This one is quick and simple to put together, and it works beautifully.

Buy a new 2˝-gallon insecticide can at a hardware store and mark the outside of the can to read “CAMPING ONLY.” Never use a can that once contained chemicals. If possible, purchase a black can and, after filling it with water, set it in the sun during the day. This will warm the water so that it will be ready for your afternoon shower.

To make a shower room, you’ll need an umbrella (without a sharp point), rope and two shower curtains. Once you’ve chosen the location for the shower, open the umbrella and turn it upside down. Throw the rope over the limb on a tree, pull down on the rope and then tie it to the handle of the umbrella. Tie the other end of the rope to the tree trunk. Then pull the rope to bring the umbrella to eye level. Take the shower curtains and hook the holes in the curtains onto the prongs of the umbrella. The distance between the umbrella prongs and shower curtain holes are the same. Once you’ve completed hooking the shower curtain onto the umbrella, raise the umbrella further so that each camper can stand underneath it and the bottom of the shower curtain is off the ground. You are now ready to step in and take a shower. Just take the water can into the shower room and spray yourself with the nozzle.

The shower room is also a good place to change clothes. It can even be set up for the kids to play house while they are enjoying the outdoors.

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Published: 4/27/2002
Source: Roughing It Easy

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