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Pre-Trip Checklist

Camp Tools
Broom/brush/dustpan, clothesline, clothespins, basic tool kit (hammer, screwdriver, pliers), knife, lanterns, shovel, flashlights, first aid kit & manual

Soap and soap dish, toilet tissue, towels, insect repellent, sunscreen, cleaning, detergent, sponges/dishcloth/scouring pads, cleanser, dishtowels, dish rack, hot pads

Kitchen Supplies
Can opener, measuring cup, spatula, tongs, skillets, grill, charcoal/lighter fluid, liquid propane, matches, long-handled fork & spoon, mixing bowls, coffee pot, dutch oven, plastic containers/lids, eating utensils, paper cups, plates and napkins, paper towels, aluminum foil, tablecloth, saucepans, hot pads or mitts, litterbags, ice

Pillows, plastic cover for pillow, sleeping bag(s)

Binoculars, camera/batteries, film/flashbulbs, cards, fishing tackle, games, swimsuit, portable radio/batteries, stamps & stationery, notebooks & pencils, daypack or backpack, life preservers

Useful Extras
Swiss army knife, small sewing kit, nail clippers/scissors, aspirin

Published: 2/14/2009
Source: RV Dealers Association

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