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Brake For Moose

It Could Save Your Life!


• The average moose weighs 1,000 lbs. — that’s 4 times the size of a big trophy white-tailed deer.

• Moose are 6 feet tall at the shoulder — your headlights are apt to shine right through their legs, which are the same color as the pavement, and their dark bodies camouflage them at night.

• Moose eyes do reflect light, but they are higher than the beam of your headlights and you may not see them.

• The hood of your vehicle fits neatly under the belly of the moose — when you lift him off his feet the full weight is thrown against the windshield of your car.

• Moose are extremely unpredictable--don’t assume the moose has seen you and will wait until you pass to cross the road.

• When threatened, a moose may stand his ground, run in the opposite direction of the danger (your car), or run to the right or left.

• Moose are more active at dusk and at night.

• Moose are a safety concern primarily from May to October. There are peak periods of activity in May and June. This is the time of year when the yearlings leave their mothers and moose move from winter to summer habitat. They are attracted to moist roadside areas which hold salt from winter run-off. Another peak period occurs in Sept. and Oct., during the rut (mating season).

• Always be aware of the danger — moose cross the road randomly, not just at moose crossing signs. The signs simply denote areas of higher frequency.

• Drive well within the reach of your high beams. This may mean less than the posted speed limit.

• Watch the sides of the road.

New Hampshire Fish & Game Dept

Published: 9/20/2002
Source: New Hampshire Fish & Game Dept.

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